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Podcast Interview: How to Alleviate Math Anxiety

If someone you know may be dealing with aversion or shutdown when it comes to math learning, then this interview is for you.

Thanks to insightful and inquisitive questions by the host of The Scalar Learning podcast, Huzefa Kapadia, we were able to touch on root causes of Math Anxiety, and offer some mindsets for alleviating it.

Click here to listen to the podcast interview. To learn more about the exciting future of ed-tech, check out Scalar Learning.

Here is what the interview covers:

2:10 When my first spark for math appeared in my life

4:35 What is Math Anxiety? (including a spooky analogy, and my singing the Quadratic Formula in R&B format)

8:15 The best way to get students to not learn

8:50 Once you identify the presence of Math Anxiety, what can be done? (including how to first rule out if it's not Math Anxiety, then if it is, understanding students' deepest fears)

12:25 Why is the human connection with the educator so important?

16:00 What students and parents should do if their teacher is condescending or alienating

20:00 Why do you think your YouTube channel has become so successful?

24:00 What's next on the horizon for you?

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