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It's not just about tutoring. It's about creating an inspired One-on-One learning dynamic.

Students crave connection. Here's how you give it.


How do the masterful instructors get through to their students' minds, engage them, inspire them, and permanently end any state of shut-down? Finally, a book exists which specifically details every insight and strategy on how to create that transcendent connection, so that deep and meaningful learning can flourish.


Successful teaching dynamics are no longer reserved only for the few people who just "get it." One-on-One 101 is the authority on how to effectively educate and inspire the person sitting right in front of you. Click to read more.


Plus check out bonus video from the book signing launch party!


Yay Math courses, for you


All the work is already done for you, beginning to end. If you're a teacher or homeschool parent looking for course materials in Algebra, Geometry or Algebra 2, then get ready to be really happy. Our courses are fully comprehensive, easy-to-use, and best of all, students love them.


To learn about the programs your students will thank you for, click here.


Invite Robert to speak


The same energy and spirit that makes Yay Math thrive can come directly in service to your school, conference or homeschool organization. Please reach out if you'd like to arrange a visit for a keynote address, professional development seminars, guest teaching (put your feet up for a day), or an insightful address to the students on self-worth, kindness, and perspective. A meeting with parents can also be arranged. Click to read more.

Learn more about Yay Math's 1-on-1 program

1-on-1 instruction, LIVE

You know Yay Math as an openly available public resource. But if you want to do more individualized work together, we can! Studying for a big test and need help? Taking a standardized test, or a full-on course? Learn more about how Yay Math can be in your corner. Click to read more

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