What's a former President to do for work? Move up in his career and become a math teacher, obviously. Introducing: ObaMATH

ObaMATH: in an eerily flawless impression of our 44th president, we finally make trigonometry understandable, and FUN! Check out the preview below.

Like anyone who loses their job, the question becomes: "What will I do next?" This certainly was the case with our former Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama. He soon realized that the only way he could move up the ladder in his career, after being the leader of the free world, would be to become a math teacher, obviously.

So (re)introducing the former Commander-in-Chief, now as the Commander-in-TEACH, President ObaMATH! Filmed with real students in an exact Oval Office replica studio, (aka "The Elliptical Office"), we take a deep dive into advanced concepts of trigonometry, while also bonding and having fun.

Thank you to the YouTube Space Studios in Los Angeles, who approved our project and offered us studio time. And a very special thank you to the brave students who joined the ObaMATH journey, over multiple Saturdays, because they also believe in the value of fun and emotionally connective learning, made available for everyone.

Must-see goodies:

  • A fun behind-the-scenes video of our time together.

  • Upon writing the president during his final days to let him know of this project, he graciously wrote back. His response is below.

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