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StatsCenter: get ready to change the math game.



A parody of SportsCenter, get ready to change the math game! It combines real-life sports data with the important math subject of Statistics, plus cutting-edge production quality, and of course, comedy! As in, 11 sport celebrity impressions, done by yours truly. As the late Stuart Scott quipped, "Booya!"

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Teach on the Beach: math instruction as street performance art

Teach on the Beach

This is what happens when you take a whiteboard, a camera crew, and the positive intention to connect with passersby from around the world. See math teaching as a form of street performance art, filmed LIVE on the iconic Venice Beach Promenade in sunny Los Angeles. 

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Here's the Commander-in-TEACH, President ObaMATH, teaching trigonometry.



It's true: I do an eerily uncanny impression of the former Commander-in-Chief. Since he's no longer the president and needed to find new employment, the only logical step up in his career was to become a math teacher, obviously. Re-introducing the Commander-in-TEACH, President ObaMATH, smoothly imparting high-level concepts in Trigonometry, with real students, from a spot-on Oval Office replica studio set at the YouTube Headquarters.

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Elementary School Math


In this growing library featuring my own kids and their friends, we dive into fun games and scenarios that you'll instantly see why they're magnetic. You'll get ideas like moving colored glass around on a table to grouping objects in nature, all the way to prancing around CostCo, as we think of creative math problems to solve. Remember: the primary purpose of early math education is to give the kids positive learning associations. Note their smiles... that's our goal.

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Yay Math and Texas Instruments collaborate to make great math videos.

Texas Instruments


What an honor: to collaborate with thee preeminent calculator company, and create awesome videos together! We produced a 5-video mini-series on important Algebra concepts. To fuel the lesson with real-life data, we analyzed the average amount of time I spend on my phone per day. Uh oh, embarrassing?

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