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Yay Math offers 1-on-1 instruction, LIVE

In an email from a parent, shared with her enthusiastic permission:


"...on another note, my middle child Alex and a half dozen of his friends were at the house last night – as I was feeding the herd, the boys could hear Sammy's session with you as the study is next door to the kitchen. As the boys were eating and carrying on..loudly.. They grew quiet in unison – as they could hear Sammy's session, these boys literally fell SILENT.. As they listened intently for about 5 min or so – they all looked at one another baffled.. And my Alex said, "yeah, my brother has this BOSS (middle school slang for awesome) tutor in California and if I had him as my teacher I wouldn't have failed the math test last week!" The boys broke out in laughter as Alex said what they were all thinking.. They all did poorly on this particular test. One of the other boys said, "I want a cool teacher.. it's not fair!"  I was almost crying laughing so hard!  It was such a funny yet sincere moment shared by 6 boys trying to maintain cool status but being vulnerable at the same time."

The students in the Yay Math videos are pioneers in bringing high-quality math instruction to the world. Now you have the ability to be a Yay Math student, on a 1-on-1 basis! If you want a personalized Yay Math experience, right in your home, live and online, we can work together to accomplish your goals.


Sometimes school can be so isolating. You want to learn from the teacher, but the connection isn't being made. You may feel pressure to perform, to reach the next level, and you just wish you had the right help to enable you to do so. That's why Yay Math offers this opportunity: so that you can have a trusted ally, to face that challenge along with you, together.


Besides the improvement on grades, what we seek to do is build on student confidence. How students feel about math courses, at any stage of their lives, has a confidence ripple effect throughout life. For example, we need enough math confidence to possibly pursue fulfilling careers that may necessitate math, logic, and numbers awareness. On the flip side, I've heard countless stories of students (oftentimes female) who are prepared to write off entire career paths because they think they won't be successful with the math that's involved. So sad, yet so avoidable. The One-on-One program is both an immediate (your class) and long term (confidence) investment in the success of our students. Parent references are available upon request.


Below is a list of subjects which are available to learn through the Yay Math 1-on-1 program:

Yay Math live online one-on-one math help
  • SAT

  • ACT

  • GRE

  • CSET

  • GED

  • GMAT

  • Compass test

  • ISEE

  • Elementary Math

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebra

  • College Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Algebra 2

  • Pre-Calculus (Math Analysis)

  • Trigonometry

  • Statistics

The great part of working together is that we use Zoom or Skype, which is an easy setup for you. You need to have a reliable internet connection.


Once we're connected, we'll see and hear each other, and I'll be writing on our whiteboard. It's just like we're sitting in the same room, except I'm in Oregon now, and you're in _________ (fill in some world city). It's so very special. We'll accomplish your goals while simultaneously honoring your scheduling needs and life's priorities.


If you have questions or to discuss rates, feel free to contact

"What makes a good tutor?" was the question on Yay Math's facebook page. The combined responses totaled over 600 words! They are combined in the word cloud below.

Yay Math 1-on-1 tutoring program
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