Can inspired math teaching can be a type of street performance art? Indeed. Presenting Teach on the Beach.

What happens when you take a whiteboard, a camera, and the positive intention to connect to the iconic Venice Beach Promenade in Los Angeles? Check out the preview:

The importance of connecting to students so that they learn at their best... it kinda seems like common sense?


I needed to know though, if such an elevated theory can be put to a true test, with passersby from around the world, in a vibrant and high-energy setting as the Venice Beach Promenade. Will they want to learn math with me, all of a sudden, while strolling along the beach on a beautiful sunny day?


Presenting Teach on the Beach. Inspired and connective teaching can be a form a street performance art. This day changed my life, because it solidified my steadfast belief in how striving for deep and meaningful human connections with learners is the way.


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