For decades, "graphing calculator" has been synonymous with, "Texas Instruments." Thus collaborating/creating with them is a huge honor and milestone for Yay Math. 

Ready, set, LAUNCH! Here is a live YouTube Q&A event that takes place Friday, Sept. 18, at 9AM PST, 12PM EST. I/we'll be ready to take questions, and have fun interacting!

Back in my high school days, I figured out a way to mathematically graph an image of a daisy, using my trusty TI-82. I did it in the hopes of impressing girls. For some reason, it didn't work. At least I think it's pretty:


Then for literally decades, I used TI calculators, either as a student, or teacher. The amount of good vibes I have for this company is sky high. So you can imagine my joy when they reached out and invited me to collaborate with them. It's so cool: all of a sudden, TI and Yay Math become partners.

Our project: a 5-video mini-series, encompassing the critical Algebra concepts of Ratios, Proportions, Slope, Transformations, and Functions. Big props to my co-presenter at TI, Curt Brown, who not only helps the viewers visualize the ideas so clearly and intelligently, but he's also basically a wonderful human being. The chemistry between us was instant and palpable throughout. 

Fun fact: to provide context for the lesson, I share what is often seen as private and privileged information: the average time I spend on my phone. (Please don't judge me lol.)

Some social media posts showcasing our work: