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New Algebra course - LAUNCHED

YAY! After years of filming math videos in lively classrooms, high-tech recording studios, and even at LA's Venice Beach Promenade... after countless online quizzes created and colored answer keys meticulously made... our new Algebra course is officially LIVE.

Thank you so much for your support while this vision came to life. Some important notes:

  • A new feature for this and ALL existing courses... comments! Meaning, at the bottom of every section, if you have a question that the answer key doesn't demystify, feel free to pose your question in the comments section, and I'll answer it with alacrity. Remember yesterday, when I said that we need to be there for each other? I mean it.

  • In addition to one-time payment options, we're also offering payment plans of exactly 12 installments, to fit budget needs.

  • I know it's summer, but bundle up! As in, the courses are available individually, or in bundles of two or even three, as special package offers.

Sending you limitless energy, wisdom, and hope for what will certainly be a pivotal school year ahead. Please feel free to reach out about anything, now and years from now.

The new Algebra course, and new course bundles are all available here:

With gratitude,



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