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New Algebra course - 1 week away

The "word cloud" you see above comes from the collective responses from the waiting list for Yay Math's brand new online Algebra 1 course. I've absolutely loved reading people's responses, particularly to the question, "What do you hope to gain most from this course?" At a glance of the word cloud, you can glean the Yay Math community's shared educational values.

I don't think I'll ever wrap my head around this moment in our history. The debate surrounding the reopening of schools honestly breaks my heart. The underlying reason is that through the noise, we all want the same educational conditions:

  1. Safety for all parties

  2. Predictability in our lives

  3. Deep and meaningful learning

  4. The unmistakable feeling of partnership/togetherness

Our new course offers all of these outcomes. Thus the concern I regularly feel, simply as a citizen, is massively offset by the elated feeling I get from knowing that I created a viable solution that will directly help people during this unfathomable time.

So whether you're a teacher in need of engaging materials that cover an entire school year, or a parent wishing for your child to enjoy learning math and finally feel confident, or even a student of any age who desires a stellar online learning program... then mark your calendar for July 21st.

In the meantime, I've regularly been adding new components to Yay Math's existing Geometry and Algebra 2 programs. If you already have them, all changes are reflected online, so you're all set. If you don't, this is a friendly notice that on the 21st, with the launch of Algebra 1, the prices will be a little higher. Just want to give you a courtesy notice, in case you're planning to obtain them.

Finally in case you missed it, here's a brief video I created that offers a peek into my mindset as I create these programs. As you watch it, ask yourself how you believe a student would react to seeing materials created with such energy. I hope it resonates with you.




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