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This year's mission: #lovemathagain

Is it possible for people to love math, AGAIN? Yes. #lovemathagain

In times of transition and growth, such as this new school year, it’s fitting to set goals. I declare: let’s aim really high this time. Let’s get people who don’t love math anymore… to love math again. Let’s face down this lion. This will be my campaign – my mission. Within the posts over the next weeks and months, I’ll dedicate myself to fleshing out all the ways we can resurrect a love of math, especially for those who currently don’t feel it. Within this pursuit, I plan to be real. Like for example, we can honestly say that some people’s original love of math was outright smashed by that “one teacher,” often years ago. Among a litany of other reasons why people turn their backs on math, we definitely need to figure out what some teachers do (consciously or subconsciously) that also contribute to this attrition. The stakes of souring people from math are sky-high, having ramifications on everything from future careers to people’s psyche and self-confidence. So if you’re someone who may be offended at the candid analysis of some educational practices, you’re respectfully invited to unsubscribe below. You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted since last May. In transparency, I’ll share with you that I’ve been undergoing a series of wonderful shifts in my approach, both to learning, and to life. I’ve been taking more risks, trusting that whisper we all have within, guiding us to produce transcendent moments, and by extension, a transcendent life. I’d like to share these aspirations with you, over the weeks and months ahead. So in addition to figuring out ways to help folks #lovemathagain, also get ready for continued insights into every possible way to inspire our students, which ultimately entails the act of inspiring ourselves. Let’s do this together. I bet the farm that you have thoughts about this concept, of loving math again. Maybe it has to do with your child. Or the students in your class. Or maybe it’s about you. If you’re that person who doesn’t love math (anymore), then I have so much respect for you. Think about it: you actually joined a community with the word “math” right in the name! Yay Math, and Yay YOU! Here’s what you can do. On any of our social media pages below, share your thoughts or pics with the hashtag #lovemathagain along with #yaymath, and let’s get some energy and momentum on this thing. I can’t wait to soak in your thoughts/emotions, and let your ideas fuse right into mine. Hopefully together, we can start a new chapter for hundreds or thousands of people, to return to their original love for this wonderful facet of life. Stay tuned. And thank you so much for your presence. Wishing you a blessed year ahead – one of fulfillment, productivity, and love. Warmly, Robert

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