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Yay Math's courses are relaunched, now presented in a beautiful online format

This is a huge moment. After years of having offered courses to fellow teachers and homeschool families, Yay Math's courses now have found a their home in a stunning online format presentation.

I'm now going to list why I believe in the deep inherent value of these courses. As you know, Yay Math's videos themselves will remain as openly accessible content. The courses are a way for people to have an end-to-end learning experience for Geometry or Algebra 2, using the videos as the backbone energy of the learning.

  • I'm going to get it off my chest – for years I've known that the #1 need for the original courses was a smooth and professional delivery system. Sending curricula as folders is basically the teacher in me, "Google Driving" them to colleagues in you. But it led to confusion sometimes. For students who aren't the most focused, having them remain on one website will be a welcome change compared to drilling into folders. I am very proud of the original "folders" form of the courses, and I am really impressed by everyone who used them so effectively. I want to also acknowledge the people who reached out with clarification questions with such dignity and courtesy. Thank you so much.

  • As a followup to the previous bullet, all the materials within the new format are still downloadable, printable, and can be easily added/posted to class pages and LMS's.

  • Now, every single section has a Google quiz which I created. I hunkered down.

  • Many new sections have been added, to at last make the programs have 100% Common Core State Standards coverage. (For more on this, and to enjoy my subtle jab at the CCSS, please check out the FAQ's on the course pages.)

  • I absolutely love how everything you'll need is contained with the online platform itself. No additional books or materials needed. I can actually feel sighs of relief from parents ready to stop the arduous search for their kids, or from math department chairpeople who want ideal content to share with their team.

  • I'm introducing, as an option, a lifetime access option.

There are so many more reasons. Highest among them is that dug as deep as I could into my mind and heart to create. As I tell my students, anything with your name on it represents you, and thus must be the best you can make it. And it is. It's the best thing I've done in years.

To my friends who've purchased the original version of the courses, here's your good news. I'd like to joyfully offer you a year of access to whichever course(s) you've previously purchased, on the house. Just as a show of thanks to you, for being a part of Yay Math. Just email me and we'll set you up. And naturally, you still have the original version of the courses in your possession.

More messages to come as we embark on this new life chapter. Now I'll leave you with some fun shots also from earlier today in Bali, as I worked on the launch.

Warmly yours, Robert

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