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Yay Math's Flipped program offerings

The view from atop Sandia Peak, following my keynote at NM's teacher conference

Happy post-Labor Day week, and welcome back to school! Our unequivocal goal: inspired learning for our students. First order of business: Yay Math's "Flipped" program offerings.

Recently, I wrote about how I'm now dedicating myself to Yay Math on a full time basis. That couldn't be more timely, because in the spirit of transparency, we hit a significant snag. Over the course of several years, I created free quizzes to supplement our videos, on the site Yet without warning, that site went down. And with it, all Yay Math's quizzes. Reaction mode #1: crushed. I contacted them, even found the domain owner's phone number on and called, but only radio silence on their part. Reaction mode #2: search for the blessing. Could there be another quiz program out there that exceeds k12, in both beauty and technology? Oh yeah. Google Apps to the rescue. (As always.) Reaction mode #3: relentless rebuilding. I've been rebuilding the quizzes one by one. They're exceptionally beautiful, check one out here. That leads us to our Geometry Flipped program update: After a wonderful year serving teachers and homeschool families, we're set to launch the Geometry Flipped program again. Through surveys, I added more components to make it as comprehensive and straightforward as one could ever imagine. On the quiz front, I've already remade 20 quizzes, with 28 to go. By the semester system, that is approaching first semester completion. All Geometry quizzes will be done by September 16th, one week from today. The good news is that you can get the program now and immediately begin using it.

All quizzes will be added to the program automatically, as they're created. You don't need to do anything to make that happen; it'll update in the background. Your students will thank you for this program. Check it out here. Watch the 2 minute video intro I made, and check out sample sections. Next, our Algebra 2 Flipped program update: This program will be available by end of summer 2017. I deeply apologize to those who successfully used Geometry and were looking forward to the progression into Algebra 2. I'll be straight with you as to why, and below, I came up with a silver lining.

  • The majority of Yay Math's video content is on Algebra 2. Even still, it's not enough to cover the entirety of the course. I have lots of video content yet to edit and release, which I've dedicated every day to completing. Here are examples of these recently new videos, including a darling one with my baby daughter!

A fundamental intro topic on how to solve equations.

Baby math? You decide.

  • I also need to re-create all Yay Math's Algebra 2 quizzes. It'll take time, but they'll be sensational.

  • The second semester of Algebra 2 has a substantial trigonometry component. These videos, done well and without cutting corners or sacrificing on quality, can only be up by January. And they'll be REALLY good, check it out:

Introducing ObaMATH!


Now onto the silver lining. Since the full program can't be ready this semester and only the next, in fairness I'll include an option for people to obtain only the second semester for half the cost. Usually, curricula are packaged as an entire course with no exceptions, but now since I'm an autonomous operation and I get to decide, I believe it's the logical/right thing to do. This way, if teachers and families wish to resume working with Yay Math's Algebra 2 program starting after the holidays, then you won't be obligated to purchase the entire year in order to do so. Ok back to work for me. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. A special thank you to Yay Math's military families, as we approach 9/11's fifteen year memorial. Warmly yours, Robert

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