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StatsCenter – you've never seen anything like this

The view from atop Sandia Peak, following my keynote at NM's teacher conference

It's taken more than a solid year. It was an epic collab.

Now it's here: StatsCenter.

What it is: a fun parody of ESPN's SportsCenter, with the goal of teaching statistics through the lens of the sports we love. In (yay) math terms, it's:

sports + statistics + comedy + impressions

You didn't misread that last part. My not-so-secret love of comedy has given me some impression chops. In total we lovingly spoof ELEVEN sports celebs! Some of my personal favorites are Stephen A. Smith, Mike Breen, Shaq, Mike Tyson, and the iconic John Madden.

There are SIXTEEN total episodes, almost 2 hours of content, all openly available to the public, permanently. I'm convinced that this series will raise the bar on learning, as more and more people see it.

Please Share the YouTube playlist below if:

  • You know a math teacher or department chair, who'd love to have something like this to show their students

  • You know a sports fan who'd appreciate a project like this

  • You know a sports fan who loves/loathes any of the celebs you see below. Either way, it'll hit the mark.

All endeavors of great value can only come to life with dedicated teams working together. StatsCenter is the result of the incredible support and collaboration with my friends at The Michelson 20MM Foundation, and their entire team. They do incredible non-profit work on behalf of advancing our shared cause of education, investing both in technology, and directly in people. Please take a moment to learn more about them at A special shoutout goes to my co-presenter, Jordan Cohen, who deftly imparts some stats wisdom in several episodes.

All the visual artistry you see within every video is the masterful work of my friends at Contact Light Films. In addition to their clear talent for production, their dedication to telling the right story, about causes that matter, is palpable in their work. Please check them out too, at

Ok have SO MUCH fun with these. Don't forget to pass them along. We've come such a long way, and the best part is that it'll only grow from here. YAY MATH!

Click here to view the full playlist.





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