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Updated: Oct 20, 2019

What a conversation! Thank you Dr. Cheryl Lubin, host of In Our Times, for such a valuable and meaningful time together. Click the image or link below to listen to the topics listed, and let your next commute include a dose of inspiration.

Click here to listen to Robert Ahdoot on LA Talk Radio

Start to 16:30 Joanne Lara re: her important Autism Benefit

16:30 start of our conversation

20:45 How the logical/numbers part mind shuts down when in "fight or flight"

22:50 What is so unique about Yay Math?

25:25 Can teachers get report cards? What would our grade be?

27:25 The court room is a performance... and the classroom is a performance!

28:55 One component of inspired learning

33:10 Comments on the concept of "Not a math person"

39:55 What do you do when students are self-defeated?

42:30 Math field test with our host, Cheryl, as the subject!

45:00 Helping to "see" shapes in space

48:00 Not letting early experiences define us

#community #inspiredlearning

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