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Gratitude poem

In our holiday season, I thought it important to write about what I'm grateful for. So a poem then. (Cue harmonica sound...)

In a media environment that focuses on what's broken,

I'm grateful to know of education systems that work.

We hear of budget cuts and tuition hikes,

Union squabbles and teacher strikes.

Yet what of systems that everyone likes?

Finland's culture is of teacher respect,

For quality education is what they expect.

And while India equates more learning to more cool,

We scratch our heads at the shrinking job pool?

So when I need the mental strength to persevere,

I think of what works, next door or hemisphere.

I'm grateful for every hard-working student and teacher out there.

With obstacles abound and a hundred reasons to retreat,

Countless souls accomplish unseen, heroic feats.

From students stretched in every direction, while moving unwaveringly ahead-

To honored teachers going the extra mile no matter how thinly they're spread.

Kids soured from math,

Now adults further on that path,

I'm lucky to witness the perseverance and strength in what you do...

Which is why when you write me "Yay Math," I reply "Yay YOU!"

I'm grateful for Facebook, YouTube, email, etc.,

because of how well connected it makes us.

Can I share with you a top highlight of my day?

It's reading up on what all of you have to say!

Stories of hope, inspiration, trials, and success,


Let's pause for a moment and think of how this came to pass...

That just a little click-clicking brings you front-row to my class.

Facebook is open, easy, widespread, and free.

I'm grateful for its part in making our Yay Math family.

I'm grateful to my students, who understand the importance and excitement of filming.

Most days in class begin this way,

"Mr. Ahdoot, are we filming today?"

What an impressive collection of souls,

Who completely share in my goals.

We do this to help students around the world,

So far 2.5 million boys and girls.

Yay Math is nothing without them,

Our exchanges are what makes Yay Math a gem!

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