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My best interview (thus far) on how to achieve inspired learning 🔊

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Robert Ahdoot discusses Math Anxiety on The Scalar Learning Podcast
We have a high-energy and wide-ranging dialogue focused on how teachers can inspire their students.

Teachers are national heroes. We entrust teachers to educate our children with high level concepts, amidst an array of challenges the kids themselves present, or stemming from the conditions in the school or surrounding community.

One thing is for sure though about teachers. When you find ones that care, it's something to treasure and celebrate.

That's why it was my distinct honor to be invited to be interviewed on a new math education podcast, called Room to Grow. It's hosted by Curtis Brown and Joanie Funderburk, both of whom are stellar veteran math teachers who hold high level leadership positions at Texas Instruments. Joanie also happens to be the President of the Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics, among her many hats.

They are thoroughly dedicated to making math education a successful endeavor in this country, and for that they have my full admiration and respect. We're like, friends now.

Fun fact: I'm the first guest on their program! The conversation went so well that they elected to create parts 1 and 2. Curtis informed me that Part 1 was in the top 25% of all podcast plays when it came out, not just those geared towards education. Pretty incredible.

If you're interested in how to make math learning come alive for students, and hearing some funny stories that'll get you thinking along the way, then tune in. I know you'll like it. It's my best interview thus far.

Part 1

Several stories that paint a clear (and funny) picture for how to motivate our students towards their best selves.

Part 2

A discussion on what the "service" of teaching really is, including possibly "customer service?" Some teachers do NOT like that moniker, and you'll hear why.

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