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Some really big news. We're gearing up for the trip of a lifetime. You can join.

So. Big news to share.

I've been reflecting so much about life. What life is, and what life can be. Try this exercise: create an unordered list of what you believe the 5 best aspects of life are. (Think of yours before reading mine below.)

Mine are:

  • experiencing love (in and out of family)

  • experiencing growth (including all forms of learning)

  • feeling connections with others (ranging from individual friendships to enormous groups)

  • creation of goodness and value (including business pursuits, improving people's lives, and contributing to legacy)

  • participating in life's goody-bag (playing sports, watching movies, biting into a perfectly cooked steak, making people laugh, travel, etc.)

While our lists are personal, what is universal is our obligation to amplify the power of each life aspect, while we're alive and able to.

Our family has found one way to do that.

We recently decided to take a very special life pivot: taking a "family gap year," by traveling the world together.

I just stared at that last sentence for about a minute. It still gooses me.

That's because I'm both super excited while also confronting fears of the unknown & unfamiliar. I know that this will be so formative for our daughters (ages 3 and 5), and for us. We're turning the world into our classroom, opening ourselves up to all the perspectives, cultures, and beauty the world has. And the food. Can't forget about the food.

I'll be posting more about this in the time ahead. In the meantime, if you want to want to come along for the virtual ride, our family will be posting on Instagram, @unityfamilytravels. Our last name, Ahdoot, means "Unity" in Hebrew. Fitting as a life mantra. Anyway, get on that insta, and let's do this thing.

We leave in June.

Warmly, Robert

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