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Conics Playlist for Algebra 2

Conics, short for conic sections, are the graphs that result in various "slicings" of two cones that are tip-to-tip. Here is a good picture demonstrating the 4 conic sections, courtesy of Britannica Kids. The playlist begins with parabolas, as we have covered them already in Algebra 1 and 2, then continues to circles, ellipses, and hyperbolas. Then we sum up with solving linear-nonlinear systems of equations.


Helpful tips:

  • At the top of each video, you can access that lesson's worksheet and quiz.

  • The worksheet contains the exact problems we cover in the video. Just print the sheet and work along with the class.

  • Take the quiz right after the video, to see how well you learned it.

  • To access the worksheet and quiz at any time, simply pause the video.

  • Below, you also have the option of viewing the same playlist on YouTube.


The videos in this playlist include:

1 of 8 – Parabolas

2 of 8 – Circles

3 of 8 – Ellipses

4 of 8 – Ellipses (one example)

5 of 8 – Hyperbolas

6 of 8 – Hyperbolas (more examples)

7 of 8 – Identifying Conic Sections

8 of 8 – Solving Linear-Nonlinear Systems

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