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Sequences and Series Playlist for Algebra 2

A sequence is basically a list of numbers. Sigh.... yay, math. In other words, try not to feel intimidated by them. Yes, there are formulas for arithmetic sequences, geometric sequences, as well as arithmetic and geometric series and sums. Then we get into the heavy stuff, like recursion and iteration, the binomial theorem, and proof by mathematical induction. Once we realize that those formulas just help us understand lists a little better, then they become less confusing. So in the end, it's still YAY MATH!

Helpful tips:

  • At the top of each video, you can access that lesson's worksheet and quiz.

  • The worksheet contains the exact problems we cover in the video. Just print the sheet and work along with the class.

  • Take the quiz right after the video, to see how well you learned it.

  • To access the worksheet and quiz at any time, simply pause the video.

  • Below, you also have the option of viewing the same playlist on YouTube.


The videos in this playlist include:

1 of 10 – Sequences as Functions

2 of 10 – Arithmetic Sequences

3 of 10 – Arithmetic Series and Sums

4 of 10 – Geometric Sequences

5 of 10 – Geometric Series

6 of 10 – Infinite Geometric Series

7 of 10 – Recursion and Iteration, part 1 of 2

8 of 10 – Recursion and Iteration, part 2 of 2

9 of 10 – The Binomial Theorem

10 of 10 – Proof by Mathematical Induction

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