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Teach on the Beach

Final thoughts on the day

To read the blog post where I reflect on how this day changed my life, click here.

Indeed it's true: teaching math in fun and connective ways can be a type of street performance art. This day changed my life. So much so that I wrote about the day's thoughts and emotions in the post linked on this page. I realized only after the day was done that I staked my entire life's work on this day. I've been chanting from the rooftops that the connection between teacher and student is paramount, and that it ignites learning.


The experiment worked. In the videos that will follow this preview, you'll see folks from a variety of countries, of all ages, having every opinion of math you can think of, coming together to learn math together in an act of human connectedness.


Thank you for being a part of this important work that changes people's lives for the better every day. YAY MATH!

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