Yay YOU! Custom Yay Math gear

The gear is here! Back at Yay Math's infancy, I made myself a yaymath.org shirt as something fun to film in. Since then, I have received gracious messages from appreciative people, asking if they can buy a shirt too. At first, I wondered, "Yeah, it would be cool IF people could have Yay Math shirts too..." And now, "cool IF" has become "cool WHEN."


In the spirit of the Yay Math tradition of serving the people, the goal is to offer exactly what we all appreciate when buying clothing. The essential priorities are:


  • high-quality, soft material and design - no corners were cut in finding the softness and cut that's both comfortable and stylish to wear. The logo is smartly across the back-bottom of the shirt, both in a show of uniqueness as well as to not be hidden by long hair.

  • personally meaningful - one of the hallmarks of Yay Math is that it celebrates the people watching. Fittingly, the main text of the shirt is "Yay YOU!", which directs the positive focus onto the wearer him/herself. Yay Math is about the success of the people, so these pieces celebrate the most valuable component of Yay Math... YOU.

  • Yay Math is a cause we believe in - Yay Math has always aimed to inspire students, parents, and teachers to believe in themselves. Together, we've made amazing waves in this world, and in addition to supporting Yay Math as a free online service, we can reach out to many people who need assistance. So in the spirit of charity and giving back, Yay Math will donate 10% of all shirt revenue to 4 the World, a U.S.-based non-profit which provides educational and medical assistance to underdeveloped global communities.

Men's T-shirt, $16

Women's T-shirt, $14

Zip-Up Hoody, $30

Pullover Hoody, $30

Yay Math is a free and openly available public service. Any contribution towards this movement is deeply appreciated.

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