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YM is for the people. Now it needs your help.

Starting several years ago, I personally created free online quizzes using After a long selection journey, I chose K12 because they had zero barriers to entry – no login, no $, no limit to quiz submissions, instant feedback on how you scored, etc. Hundreds and thousands of quizzes were taken by students worldwide.


Then my heart dropped into my feet, when I learned that their site just went down. No notice, no warning, and not even responses to when I reached out to them, repeatedly. Just this page, no warning, no good-bye.

I need an intern to work closely with me to re-create these quizzes from the ground up. The job: come up with the appropriate quiz for each video. I'll definitely teach you everything you'll need to know, so you'll learn a whole lot from what I've gained over the years. Notwithstanding, these skills I highly seek:


  • Proficiency with one or more of these subjects: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Statistics

  • Proficiency with Google Apps, particularly Google Forms

  • Attention to detail, self-motivated, and excited to contribute to a global cause and to form a meaningful and valuable personal/professional relationship with its founder for years to come.

  • The position is unpaid. A stipend of gratitude will be given at the end though. This individual will be working alongside me, so I'll offer every tool I've picked up over the years by way of training.

  • If you're interested, contact me directly using my email below, tell me why you're interested and what you hope to accomplish. Thank you so much. I've been pretty upset by this development, but I'm ready to get back in the ring and fix this thing with your valuable help. We owe it to students everywhere to give them the chance to know how well they're learning.

Pencil and notepad
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