YM Video Montage


Thank you Michelle from PhantomPhotography.com for putting together this incredible montage! It means so much to this movement to have something of this nature out there representing us. What makes this even more special is that you are a fellow Yay Mather, having used our videos to get through your college courses! That's so cool.

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YM Year 5 - music video

YAY MATHERS! What a huge milestone! We've come so far together, from starting just as an idea to a movement dedicated to changing people's lives for the better. Thank you for making this vision come to life, enjoy this music video dedicated to our viewers. It's an original song, rapped by me and Sol Music, set to Young MC's "Bust a Move."

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YM Year 4 - Wash, DC


Dear Yay Mathers, It has been a magical four years. The idea of filming a high-energy, positive-minded math class, live in the classroom, started as merely an idea, but has grown to a worldwide movement. This music video is a tribute to every Yay Math viewer, who has benefited from this vision and whose lives have been positively impacted by this collective journey. Yay Math owes everything to the people, so this one's for you!

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YM Year 3 - Mexico & CA


It's surreal that three years have passed and Yay Math surges in its impact on students worldwide. This video is to mark that anniversary and highlight on how Yay Math gives people the freedom to follow their goals. We look forward to even more success in the future.

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YM Year 2 - Holy Land


Since the idea came about two years ago, YAY MATH has changed the lives of thousands around the world. Whether it be to assist students for their quizzes, tests, exams, standardized tests, or homework... for students in both high school and college, we're on to something special. We are literally changing peoples' lives for the better and enabling them to reach their goals. Thank you all so much for the outpouring of support, it's so real.

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YM Year 1 - Peru


After only one short year, Yay Math had 100K+ views for its limited library at the time. On a trip to Peru's Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, we document the journey both physically and metaphorically, with some deep conversation at the summit.

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Yay Math is born!


Sometimes the best places to conceive new ideas occurs away from home, at places where one can reflect and think outside the box. This paradise family trip to Jamaica was where the idea for Yay Math was conceived - which was to capture the amazing energy in our classroom onto video, for public use.

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We miss you, Heather


Yay Math's original web designer, Karen Eckstrom (visit her website), volunteered to build Yay Math's website from scratch, and did not want a penny for doing so. She understands our mission of making learning fun and connective, thus generously contributed her skills to help us reach our goals of affecting countless lives. When Karen's 24-year-old daughter Heather fell gravely ill, we held a raffle fundraiser to help them with their huge medical expenses. Thank you, YayMathers, for stepping up the way you did. You helped people so deserving of it. Tragically, Heather was no longer able to sustain her seven year long battle, and has peacefully passed on.

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Yay Math Surfin' Dude


Some would say that there can't be an overlap between people who are good at math and people who surf. Let's defy the argument with Yay Math surfin' dude footage. Grab your board and I'll see you on the break!

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April Fool's with the class


WARNING! A sense of humor is required for this video. What happens when half the class returns from a school trip? Well obviously, they get pranked by the remaining students and their teacher. What else could there be? Remember that playing gags is an art form. It must be done with love in your heart. This scene taps into a universal fear we all share: the feeling of being completely and utterly lost, while EVERYONE around you totally understands. Having said that, witnessing half the class slowly lose their marbles is straight-up HILARIOUS.

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Yay Math is a free and openly available public service. Any contribution towards this movement is deeply appreciated.

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