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Project Heather raffle fundraiser

To help the family that gave so much to YM

Heather, you will always be loved and missed

Project Heather fundraiser: giving back to people who deserve it the most.

Yay Math's original web designer, Karen Eckstrom, volunteered to build Yay Math's website from scratch, and did not want a penny for doing so. She understands what our mission is about and generously contributed her skills to help us reach our goals of affecting countless lives. When Karen's 24-year-old daughter Heather fell gravely ill, we held a raffle fundraiser to help them with their huge medical expenses. Thank you, YayMathers, for stepping up the way you did. You helped people who so deserve it. Tragically, Heather was no longer able to sustain her seven year long battle, and has peacefully passed on. 

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