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Yay APP!

Yay Math, with technology provided by Study by App, has created a comprehensive and interactive Algebra 1 App!


This is for use on any Apple touch device, including the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. After much planning and work, the production of the the app is complete and available for purchase on iTunes. This is a huge milestone for Yay Math, thus the time and effort put into the app's creation are in tribute and honor to those of you who have continued to believe in this vision.

Each of the 12 units covered includes:


  • An audio and visual overview of the section, with images, examples, and thorough verbal/visual descriptions. There is a built-in feature that scrolls the screen to the exact section of the audio.

  • A 50-question multiple choice test, that includes hints on how to approach the problem, and complete explanations for when the wrong answer is chosen. The app also allows the student to track their performance and time.

  • 25 robust flashcards that summarize the main concepts of the unit in easy to understand, succint terms.

The creation of this app was done with the student in mind. The Yay Math consciousness centers on: How can this app decrease student anxiety over math? How can this app address topics that regularly confuse students in the classroom? How can this app best serve the needs of the busy, time-deprived, always on-the-go student? That consciousness is at the core of this product, as it is at the core of Yay Math. Informal language, disarming tone, positive approach, thorough step-by-step instructions, and a mindfulness of student success are the foundations for this product. Thank you so much for your continued support during the creation process. In order to improve Yay Math's presence on iTunes, please feel free to leave a review and rating as well. Yay APP!

Click here to purchase the app on iTunes

Yay Math Algebra 1 app
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