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Equations, etc. Playlist for Algebra 2

Welcome to Yay Math's Algebra 2 curriculum! We jump right into it here, by solving a variety of equations to get us warmed up. You also see "etc." because we include a few self-contained lessons to get us in the Algebra 2 mood. Enjoy the Math King's appearance in this playlist, as well as the old school Nintendo shirt, a classic.


Helpful tips:

  • At the top of each video, you can access that lesson's worksheet and quiz.

  • The worksheet contains the exact problems we cover in the video. Just print the sheet and work along with the class.

  • Take the quiz right after the video, to see how well you learned it.

  • To access the worksheet and quiz at any time, simply pause the video.

  • Below, you also have the option of viewing the same playlist on YouTube.

The videos in this playlist include:

1 of 7 – Direct and Inverse Variation

2 of 7 – Solving Systems of Equations

3 of 7 – Solving 3 Equatons with 3 Variables
4 of 7 – Solving Rational Equations

5 of 7 – Rational Expressions – Multiplying & Dividing

6 of 7 – Rational Expressions – Adding & Subtracting
7 of 7 – Intro to Matrices

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