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Algebra 1 – Solving One-Step Equations

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Before we get into more complex equations, in this video we learn about solving equations in just one step. Mainly, that means using either addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, to isolate the variable, and solve for it.


Most notably though, I invite my father to join me in this exploration. When I was a child, my dad was instrumental in fostering a lifelong love of math learning. We'd work for hours on many nights, slowly solving problems piece by piece, eventually leading to my deep appreciation for the subject, and his efforts. And what a full-circle moment this is... standing together in the YouTube studios in LA, with ME showing HIM how I teach some of the very concepts he worked on with me, decades ago. The energy in the clip is palpable, and I'm so happy to share it in this way.


Thank you dad, for the gift (and career) of math. I love you.


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