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Algebra – Real Numbers

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Would a random tourist from out of town, strolling through the iconic Venice Beach Promenade in Los Angeles, CA want to stop by and spend some time learning math? Even if math isn't initially her "thing"? Of course she would! Because to learn is to connect.


This lesson is an exploration into Real Numbers, a concept within both pre-algebra and algebra. My new friend Margarita, fresh in town from Florida, bravely steps in front of the camera with me to explore fractions, decimals, percents, and even the infamous repeating decimals. And all the while, she's got a great spirit and sense of discovery about her, such a marvelous job! It's crazy to think, but it's true, connective teaching CAN be a type of performance art. And art must be shared. So here it is. YAY MATH!

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