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Algebra – Percents 1 of 2

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Meet Tré, age 9. While strolling along LA's iconic Venice Beach Promenade with his family, he had the courage to spontaneously step up to the board, to learn about percents. This topic, as you can see in the video, is way above his grade level. Yet in just a little time, he finds his "zone". Then in a beautiful and connective display, Tré demonstrates real learning. He becomes excited and immersed.


Percents, sometimes called the percent proportion, involve a few related topics, such as decimals and fractions. We cover those concepts as well.


This video is the end-result of a question I asked myself: can teaching be a type of street performance art? Even teaching math? My steadfast belief is that the answer is YES. All the nuance to connect to another individual, break down their fears, and take a learning journey together, LIVE in the presence of passers-by from around the world... this is truly a form of art. YAY MATH!

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