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Algebra – Operations with Integers

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Here's one of Venice Beach's famous and longstanding performance artists, Harry Perry, joining in the Yay Math fun!

What are all operations with integers you can think of? We're doing them... adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers. And oh yeah, we're doing all that while standing in the heart of the iconic Venice Beach Promenade in Los Angeles, CA. Welcome to Teach on the Beach!


Often we may feel comfortable with operations with integers, but once they get negative, or we throw in concepts like the "additive inverse", it can get tricky. So we use the number line, but then throw in fun metaphors, like dolphins under water, digging, and thermometers.


Get ready for the unexpected! Singing? We have it. Pigeons? That too. Fire trucks? Anything is possible in that full-aliveness environment, including connecting with people from around the world and sharing the sacred act of math learning. YAY MATH!

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