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Algebra – Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers 1 of 2

1.) Click to print the worksheet

2.) Watch video using worksheet

3.) Take the quiz (this quiz covers both parts 1 and 2)

Let's learn about multiplying and dividing rational numbers. But first, a T/F question for you:


True or False: Teaching is an art form. If you said "True", then is it possible to teach math as authentic street performance art? True again. Welcome to Yay Math!

Rational numbers are just a fancy way of saying fractions, or decimals. To multiply and divide them, it first helps to think of them conceptually. So in this video, when we're talking about dividing, we make it about dollar amounts, or even pizza for that matter. We learn about turning mixed fractions to improper fractions, plus we take a dive into how to calculate a number's reciprocal.

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