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Yay Math courses have good energy.

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Baby Ahdoot looking on approvingly, as I create answer keys.

The above scene is not uncommon for me. If baby beckons, "yap! yap!" in her eloquent way of requesting to sit on my lap, then immediately up on the "yap" she goes. Naturally, she bears no concept of me taking my own final exam, as an answer key for the program.

Here's what fascinates me though: even though she doesn't know what's going on, she's tangibly contributing to it. As she looks on, what kind of tone do you think I'll have behind my pen-strokes? If you don't think that teachers' tone carries through in our grading, just ask students their experiences with that. The energy behind what we do matters.

Yay Math's Algebra 2 and Geometry courses are ready for you to obtain for this school year. The energy behind them is to make learning a fun and inspiring act, one that students actually can enjoy and get behind. These are some decisions I've made, to make the program of real value to you as well:

  • No textbook required, it's self contained. Works seamlessly with any text already in place as additional supportive materials.

  • All the work is already done for you. You can tinker and adjust what's already made, or use it as-is.

  • The entire school year is covered. No gaps or filling in missing pieces.

  • It's a one-time purchase, and yours for life.

Here is the course page, Samples, testimonials, it's all there. Thanks for checking it out.

It's an honor to be in your corner while you reach for your educational goals. Let's make this an incredible year of education AND inspiration. Our shared vision is that they must go together.

Warmly yours, Robert

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