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1️⃣ math lesson, in 5️⃣ languages, all in my voice. Thank you, AI for education.

With AI tools, the future of education sparkles with possibilities.

Imagine recording a math lesson in one language, then, using artificial intelligence for video technology, having that lesson recreated in any language. And here's the kicker: the various languages are spoken IN THE SAME VOICE as the original presenter!

A fun game has organically emerged with friends and family with whom I’ve shared this video, which I’m eager to invite you to play as well. I challenge you to see how quickly you can guess each language as you hear it, before the language appears on the screen. You only have a few seconds each time. It’s really fun!

There is a critical need to heal from the distress from math education, which is carried by so many people. But we never talk about it, until now.

I do have a request though, and it's an important one. If any of the languages you hear in this video is one you speak, PLEASE rate its accuracy and understandability in a comment on YouTube. It’s ok if your rating of the language is not glowing; the truth matters most. I do have some questions, in fact. For example, at the end of my lesson, I say, "see you after", but the translations come through as "goodbye". Is that really the same though? Close enough? I'm very interested in your thoughts.

At this moment in history, many AI researchers and experts agree that we are at a crossroads for AI's place in our society. Specifically, we must think critically for how to leverage AI for positive purposes. We must work across industries and governments to collaborate on how to minimize its risks, which are significant and deserve acknowledging. For a comprehensive look at the responsibility we bear while exploring this technology, I highly recommend the talk AI Dilemma, by Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin, the minds behind the film "A Social Dilemma".

The force behind this research into AI's advancement of education is Carnegie Learning, with whom I've developed a collaborative partnership. I absolutely love how they keep their vision on the future and their dedication to inspire the teachers and students we serve. We're building a game-changing program together, called MATHstream. Which, fittingly, uses AI towards successful student outcomes as well.

And in case you’re wondering… 100% of this message, and every word I’ve written on connecting to students, is entirely from me.

And now, fellow language enthusiasts, without needing to be “Jason Bourne”, here’s me teaching math in FIVE languages, all in my voice!

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