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TEDx talk on math anxiety

TEDx, Math Anxiety


A huge milestone in the Yay Math journey, a first appearance on TEDx! Here the talk is about how math anxiety is a preventer of success at school, and eventually, with people's career aspirations. Yay Math directly alleviates that anxiety, through humanizing the learning experience within the live classroom.

Click to see the talk.

Yay Math on How To Become a Professor

LA Talk Radio interview


What a conversation! Thank you Dr. Cheryl Lubin, host of In Our Times, for such a valuable and meaningful time together. We cover a lot, including teaching as performance, conquering self-defeat, and my comments on the idea of "not being a math person." Let your next commute include a dose of inspiration!

Click here to listen to the interview.

PTAN podcast.jpg

Parenting Then... & Now


Many parents and teachers can't help but compare what it was like "back then" to the way things are now. So you could imagine my ultimate glee when I learned that a podcast exists on this very topic. I had the good fortune to be interviewed on this episode, and topics ranged from what it was like as a child vs. now, math learning for boys vs. girls, and the pixelated elephant in the room: how imbalanced use of technology undermines our kids’ ability to connect to others and lead fulfilling lives.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Math + Chicken = Mathemachicken.

Bring math to the masses


In a spot-on piece in Los Angeles's Jewish Journal, Yay Math shines as an educational beacon for students near and far. Author Leslee Komaiko investigates proper, not only with an interview of Robert, but also quotes a student from his class. She takes a look into new endeavors too, like our debut book, and StatsCenter.

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TEDx talk on personal meaning

TEDx, Personal Meaning


In our second TEDx appearance themed "Igniting your future," we discuss the importance of creating a personal sense of meaning in our lives. Sometimes we don't establish our life's purpose because of the many forces out there which hijack our ability to make personal decisions. How to fix that phenomenon is discussed here, at TEDx SDSU. Click to see the talk.


Room to Grow podcast


Hosted by stellar veteran teachers who are also kind-of-a-big-deal leaders at Texas Instruments, I was invited to be their first-ever guest on their podcast, Room to Grow. If you're interested in how to make math learning come alive for students, and hearing some funny stories that'll get you thinking along the way, then tune in. I know you'll like it. It's my best interview thus far. Click to hear the interview.

Yay Math article in the news

Story on


After discovering Yay Math to help her nail her GRE, columnist and educator Leah Welch wrote this comprehensive interest piece on the

Click to read more.

Yay Math internet radio interview talk show

BlogTalkRadio interview


Dynamic radio MC Lauren Liebowitz hosts a fantastic conversation about Yay Math, how it has resonated with viewers, and the need for quality instruction available to the public. Thank you, BlogTalkRadio, for the chance to bring more awareness to the Yay Math movement!

Click here to listen to the interview.

Article on flipped learning

School Library Journal


Karen Springen, journalist and professor at Northwestern University, Evanston IL, takes an in-depth view of the flipped classroom model, including its strengths and shortcomings. Yay Math was interviewed as a first-hand source for our views on this rapidly growing educational phenomenon.

Click here to read the article.

Yay Math and Knowmia, Techsmith

POWr to the people


Yay Math is incredibly fortunate to be in partnership with, an incredible online platform that brings to life the 'video sliders' our site uses so beautifully. They offer an immense list of easy-to-use tools that'll bring any website to life, for educators, artists, e-commerce, anything you'd need. Yay Math was featured in their blog post.

Click here to read the post.

Yay Math on The Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free Press


It's uncanny that the people who write about Yay Math are often the same journalists who benefitted from its videos while they were in school. Writers know a story when they see it! This time it was a student apprentice of the Free Press, who not only used Yay Math, but also saw how others around her were being affected by it.

Click here to read more.

Yay Math and homeschooling parent

Homeschool mom


In her blog, "Notes From a Homeschooling Mom," Andrea Hermitt writes about the woes of helping her children when they were taking advanced math classes. She found Yay Math, her kids loved it, and she blogged about it. Thanks, Andrea!

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Yay Math used in homeschooling

Used in homeschooling


Our friends at the Easy Peasy All-in-One High School use Yay Math videos as a major component of their Geometry and Algebra 2 courses. Easy Peasy is such a great and comprehensive program, run by people who really care for the success of their students and families.

Click here to read more.

Yay Math believes in Fred Rogers' methods.

Fred Rogers Center


In one of our blog posts, we discuss the brilliance of Fred Rogers as an educator who masterfully connected to children across generations. His legacy has been timeless, so the post explores exactly why he was so successful. The Fred Rogers Center picked up the piece and published it to their audience as well.

Click here to read more.

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