• Robert Ahdoot

How you can become a "Response Ninja"

Updated: Jun 18

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A wonderful dialogue centering how to build our students up, but doing that "under the radar."

You've come to know me, and by now you know that inspired teaching is my jam. I get so pumped up knowing that there are actionable, specific techniques that educators and parents can say and do that will connect us to our kids. That core connection is at the heart of deep and meaningful learning – the kind of learning that can permanently change people's lives for the better.

So what are some of those techniques? There are 10 in total and I've dubbed them "Response Ninja" methods.

What is a "Response Ninja"?

It's building our students up, connecting to them, inspiring them... without them knowing it. When students speak and it's our turn to respond, what we say and how we say it are critical. Choose the wrong words or approach, and we shut them down.

Or, if we choose our words and responses wisely, then we increase their sense of confidence, their curiosity, and the security in themselves to experiment or make mistakes. Our words also have the power to unroot harmful narratives they've adopted, both about the act of learning, as well as of themselves.

The best part is that these strategies are all done "under the radar." We can say and do things that quietly uplift the learners in our midst, without them even being aware of what we're doing. Hence the term: "ninja." There's an art to inspiring others when we can do it subtly and implicitly.

The videos below cover the 10 "Response Ninja" methods. My gracious interviewer is visionary educator Roni Habib, founder of eqschools.com. Roni is an expert in helping leaders, educators, and parents become happier, more resilient, more connected to their purpose, and more playful.

First video, strategies 1–3:

  • 1:05 "So you're saying that..." then "agreed." method