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YAY MATH™ was founded by Robert Ahdoot, a full-time high school math teacher and has grown to a movement that empowers student success worldwide.

Often times, math education can be the last barrier to achieving personal and life goals. The frustrations out there are many: the everlasting need for qualified teachers, increased pressures on the importance of grades and on college admissions, and a global trend of faltering math abilities, according to Harvard University. All the while, the education community struggles to reidentify itself in an evolving world of technology and online social media.

The basic truth remains – people can succeed if given a fair chance. Messages of hope and positivity resonate and inspire us. YAY MATH believes in this vision. Yay YOU!

The Solution

The YAY MATH video project is a free service dedicated to meeting the growing need for math success in a POSITIVE, LIVELY, and CONFIDENCE BOOSTING way. YAY MATH stands as the premier online math video lesson series filmed in a live classroom, with real student interaction. Since its inception five years ago, and blazing past 22 million minutes watched on YouTube since, gone are the days of the "I just can't do math" style of thinking. It's time to evolve. It's time to re-invent our entire approach to success.

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Yay Math makes TWO appearances on TEDx!

In the news

YAY MATH has also made some significant strides in the media, with coverage on Salt Lake City's Mix107.9, LA Talk Radio, The Examiner, blogtalkradio, The Detroit Free Press, Knowmia.com, Backpack.tv, and online math forums. Check out our Google+ page, and see how our Facebook community page is alive with an inspiring number of people who have benefited from this vision.

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Here's an inside look into our classroom...

Algebra - Operations with Radical Expressions
The Mathemagician is back, and he will WOW you with multiple examples of operations on square roots. Enjoy the magical way he erases the board... YAY MATH!