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The Love Math Challenge
Turning the pain from math learning to joy

Here's a glimpse into my conversation with Principal Brown-Warrens, where her narrative that she can't do math just melts away.

Everyone has a math story. Many people hold painful or dreadful memories from their math learning days. This comes from a variety of reasons, including situations at home, with school or teachers, and even socio-culturally. As a consequence, people carry around feelings of shame or inadequacy throughout their lives.


And yet, in our society, we don't really deal specifically with the pain that can come from math learning and math anxiety. We valiantly try to turn the page. We try to make peace with how we may not be a "math person", or rationalize how the subject never really resonated with us. Or we sweep it under the rug, poke fun at ourselves, or unconsciously transfer it to our kids.


This creates the burning desire for me to try a new format for a program. I'm calling it The Love Math Challenge.

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