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All quizzes are being rebuilt, right now.

Starting several years ago, I personally created free online quizzes using After a long selection journey, I chose K12 because they had zero barriers to entry – no login, no $, no limit to quiz submissions, instant feedback on how you scored, etc. Many thousands of quizzes were taken by students worldwide.


Then my heart dropped into my feet, when I learned that their site just went down. No notice, no warning, and not even responses to when I reached out to them, repeatedly. Just this page, no warning, no good-bye.


Must find the blessing hiding within though. Those quizzes were great at the time, but in context with the overall Yay Math vision, they were outdated. Google to the rescue, with their sleek, and cutting-edge easy technology. Same requirements met: no login required, no $ necessary, with the ability to email scores as well as instantly see how you did.


All Geometry quizzes have been rebuilt, and they're BEAUTIFUL. Check out the example below. As for the rest of the quizzes, they're in process.


I do apologize for the setback. It's a huge priority for me, and I'm cranking them out every day.

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