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Geometry – Perimeter

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Pick your shape, and we'll calculate the perimeter of it. Squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangles? Yes, we got 'em. Then we get into circles as well, but then it's not called the perimeter anymore. It's called the circumference. I always wondered why the world needed another word to describe the same thing, so I researched it and found out, and shared why in the video.


Oftentimes, the most despised component of math studies, whether it be for algebra, geometry, or another subject... is formulas. Memorizing formulas isn't inspiring... I'll be the first to say it. Therefore, we explain how to obtain the perimeter of shapes using logic and common sense first. THEN, we introduce the formulas as well, and cover why they are what they are.


Welcome to Yay Math in Studio! While the majority of our videos are filmed in front of live students, I decided to complete our library with topics I could never get around to in my classes. It also gives me a chance to dive deeper into the topics and make it even more understandable, which is a fun challenge for me to share. YAY MATH!

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