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Algebra – Percents 2 of 2

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Welcome to Part 2! Here, we continue our exploration into percents. You'll see that our student volunteer, 9-year-old Tré, is in his groove now, and is able to conquer high level concepts in percentages, by using multiplication, decimals, and fractions.


After Tré leaves, we try out some more challenging percent proportion problems. What's so fascinating is that the instant I reveal a modern textbook formula, "is/of = x/100", the crowd vanishes. People just are NOT into formulas, as we can clearly see by their disappearing act. But then when we get back to using intuitive and logical processes, the people return.


This video is the end-result of a question I asked myself: can teaching be a type of street performance art? Even teaching math? My steadfast belief is that the answer is YES. All the nuance to connect to another individual, break down their fears, and take a learning journey together, in real time among the presence of passers-by from around the world... this synergy is a form of living art.

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