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Algebra – Percent of Change

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Welcome, Rachelle Henry! She's an award winning actor in films such as Jersey Gurl and Grifters, and equally important to that, she's an avid Yay Mather! Rachelle decided to make the trip out to LA's iconic Venice Beach Promenade, for an in-depth yet understandable math lesson on Percent of Change.


In true Hollywood spirit, she was brave enough to learn math in front of the camera, live, as folks from around the world strolled by. It is actually possible for teaching to be a form of street performance art. As you'll see by the teacher-student rapport we build in the scene, the energy is real. To learn more about Rachelle's work, check our her IMDb page here.


Percent of Change is both an algebra and pre-algebra concept. It helps us understand by what percent do numbers increase or decrease. By uncovering the numerical difference between numbers, we can then realize what the percent of change is. YAY MATH!

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