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Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers

1.) Click to print the worksheet

2.) Watch video using worksheet

3.) Take the quiz

Please. Be Rational. Uh... a Rational Number, that is. Because if you are, then you'll be exactly like the numbers we wish to add and subtract. In this lesson, we learn about adding and subtracting rational numbers. Rational numbers is a fancy way of saying whole numbers, fractions, decimals that end, or decimals that repeat. Don't get all irrational on us and start talking about pi.


What happens when you take a whiteboard to the Venice Beach, CA, along with the desire to connect with people and share in the love of math? As far out as it seems, indeed math can be a type of street performance art. Welcome to Teach on the Beach! Always remember: for inspired learning to happen, we must first have a real human connection between teacher and student. That's the vibe throughout the video, and it's beautiful to behold. YAY MATH!

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