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Welcome to Yay Math's world class website!

We've made it. It's ready for you. Yay Math has a cutting edge website, which most importantly, will make it even more possible for you to get what you need and succeed.


Let's go through the list of the new "ohhhhh" and "ahhhhhh"s, shall we?

  • Leading off, we now have common sense playlists for all our subjects: Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Statistics, and Trig.
    Each playlist includes topics covered in the most understandable order, so that you know exactly where to start, and where to end. Nevertheless, each lesson is always filmed as self-contained as possible, so jumping to exactly where you need to go still works.


  • The playlists are fueled by the sleek technology of POWr Plug-ins.
    Each playlist page features a "Video Slider," which is an easy and intuitive way to watch the videos right on our site. All videos are still openly available on YouTube, but now you can watch everything here without having to exit to YouTube and return.

Our video playlists are fueled by POWr technology.
  • In addition to playlists pages, we also offer a full index page, also listing every video Yay Math offers, all in one spot and easily browsable for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

  • Every single page, video, and playlist is fully mobile optimized.

  • We're integrating the existing newsletter mailing list with a new Yay Math blog! The content is of real value, about relevant issues in education today, from our unique perspective. You're warmly invited to sign up below, and you have our solemn oath that your email will be kept private and never shared.

  • We've rolled out a LIVE 1-on-1 program to reach even more people, in a personalized way.

Here's what has NOT changed:


  • All our videos have been, still are, and will be openly accessible to the public, as a free community service. Yay Math believes in helping people reach their education and life goals through success in school, and through fun and humor, we are living that mission every day.

  • New videos are still coming out continuously, many in HD.
    In addition, more quizzes are regularly being added too.


  • All videos are still fully searchable and linkable to YouTube.

  • Yay Math is still visiting and connecting with schools around the country, for professional development in-service days.

Yay Math will always offer high quality content as an educational public service.
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