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April Fools' with the class


WARNING! A sense of humor is required for this video. What happens when half the class returns from a school trip? Well obviously, they get pranked by the remaining students and their teacher. What else could there be? Remember that playing gags is an art form. It must be done with love in your heart. This scene taps into a universal fear we all share: the feeling of being completely and utterly lost, while EVERYONE around you totally understands. Having said that, witnessing half the class slowly lose their marbles is straight-up HILARIOUS.

Click to view on a larger screen.

Cashew Calculations

As more parents take on the responsibility of schooling their children due to the coronavirus school closures, I thought it would be helpful to create a video demonstrating how my daughter and I learn math at home. We call this Cashew Calculations, because it uses every day products in the house, like nuts, to create fun and engaging math games for kids.

Click to view on a larger screen., which also includes an exact breakdown of every subtle teaching strategy I use, which you can use too!

Math Motivation


Students and parents alike are invited to use this video as a home school project idea, or let it spark new ideas within you. Using the staircase to my basement, and with the power of math, a challenge emerged in my mind. The challenge: 100 climbs, up and down. As my climbs increase, the number of steps I take rival some of the world's tallest and most iconic landmarks. Hope it inspires you, because we're in this together.

Click to view on a larger screen, which also includes all the implicit benefits of carrying out a project such as this.

Yay Math Surfin' Dude


Quick: name two awesome and fun things to do in life. What's that... did you say "math" and "surfing?" Wow, I totally agree! Since this site is plenty dedicated to math already, let's rebalance the scales with some Yay Math surfin' dude footage. Grab your board and I'll see you on the break!

Click here to view on a larger screen.

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