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Intro Playlist for Algebra 1

Welcome to Yay Math's delivery of Algebra 1! We know all too well that math can be an intimidating topic, and one that is many people's last roadblock to accomplishing their life goals. We hope this introductory playlist of videos is a fun and inspiring start to your education journey. We're all in this together, so Yay Math and Yay YOU!

Helpful tips:

  • At the top of each video, you can access that lesson's worksheet and quiz.

  • The worksheet contains the exact problems we cover in the video. Just print the sheet and work along with the class.

  • Take the quiz right after the video, to see how well you learned it.

  • To access the worksheet and quiz at any time, simply pause the video.

  • Below, you also have the option of viewing the same playlist on YouTube.


The videos in this playlist include:

1 of 8 – Expressions and Formulas

2 of 8 – Properties of Numbers

3 of 8 – The Distributive Property

4 of 8 – Properties of Real Numbers

5 of 8 – Relations and Functions

6 of 8 – Pythagorean Theorem

7 of 8 – Distance Formula

8 of 8 – Scientific Notation

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